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At no time in modern history has food and wine been at the confluence of so many critical social and economic issues.

Whether health, climate, politics or economy, our food and its related universe is the increasing focus of corporations, governments and communities large and small.

Understanding food traditions and history, expanding culinary tastes and acceptance, and discussing the facts, the fun and the frivolity of food with pioneering leaders and thinkers is one way to continue invigorating a growing movement towards greater personal health and sustainable local economies.

Alimentary Ideas is the only festival of its kind in Canada. It therefore serves as an important axis for food and wine enthusiasts to meet, share ideas, network and interact with each other and an enthusiastic audience.

Mark Singer

Staff Writer
The New Yorker

Mark Singer has been a staff writer at The New Yorker since 1974 and has contributed hundreds of Talk of the Town stories and scores of profiles and reporting pieces.

In the fall of 2000, he revived the U.S. Journal column in the magazine, a monthly feature that was written by Calvin Trillin from 1967 to 1982.

His profile of David Pasternack, chef at the southern Italian trattoria, Esca, in Hell's Kitchen, New York City, was published as part of The New Yorker's food anthology "Secret Ingredients."

He lives in New York.

Scott DeSimon

Deputy Editor
Bon Appétit

Scott DeSimon was a founding editor of ESPN The Magazine before tackling the world of basic cable, writing shows and specials for VH1 (for which he says: “if you lost four hours to The 100 Greatest Rock and Roll Moments on TV, I’m sorry.”).

He left TV because he didn’t like the yelling, returning to ESPN The Magazine as Senior Editor in 2005.

DeSimon joined Bon Appétit as Special Projects Editor in 2011, moving up the ranks to become Deputy Editor. He loves Maine (home state!), limes, and late-60s era Kinks records.

Tanya Kelly

The Blunt Roll Chef’s Syndicate

Kelly started in the restaurant business in Toronto as a busgirl. Despite attempts at other careers, she always found herself back in a restaurant, often in the front-of-house but eventually in kitchens.

After seeing a chef come out of a kitchen in his t-shirt and an unattractive linen supply apron, she got the idea to create an apron reminiscent of traditional craftspeople: farriers, blacksmiths and butchers.

As Kelly worked on her prototypes, she remembered seeing chefs throw their knives into kitchen towels to transport them off site. The idea for a leather-and-denim apron and knife roll mashup was born.

At the same time, Kelly developed a 'Chef Syndicate' as a way to encourage collaboration and mentoring for Canadian chefs.

Scott Norton

Sir Kensington’s

As head of marketing and creative for Sir Kensington's, Norton focuses on re-imagining condiments, along with the way they are understood and positioned in American culture. Beginning only with a concept Sir Kensington's has grown to work with thousands of retail stores and hundreds of celebrated restaurants. A devotee of experience design, he support's the company's dual focus on both nourishing and entertaining customers.

Previously, Norton co-founded AsiaWheeling, traveling to 23 different countries the eastern hemisphere over ten months on a folding bicycle. During this adventure, he ate and documented many obscure local specialty dishes from Kashgar to Cochin. Before this, he worked on a high frequency equity trading desk in Tokyo at Lehman Brothers and earned a degree in Economics from Brown University. An Eagle Scout and native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Norton was named on Forbes' "30 under 30" in Food & Wine for 2011.

William Allaway

CEO and VP Operations
Acadian Maple Products

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Allaway channelled a rejection from an MBA program (due to a lack of work experience) into a global maple syrup business.

Allaway and his parents, who were avid maple syrup hobbyists, learned the ropes of establishing and running a food company, first establishing a packaging and processing plant in the Wentworth Valley of Nova Scotia. Since the new facility had capacity well beyond the provincial market, a decision was made to expand globally.

Allaway travelled to Ireland, Switzerland, the US and Mexico and brought customers and distributors on board. He also visited local culinary schools to set up programs to help young chefs develop culinary uses for Nova Scotia maple syrup.

He manages all operations at Acadian Maple, orchestrates its food safety efforts, its certified organic and certified fair trade programs, and remains focussed on ensuring a top quality product for its global customers.

Jeremy Charles

Raymonds Restaurant, St. John’s, NL

Chef Charles has spent the last 10 years on a cross-continental culinary adventure.

He has travelled from the rugged wilderness of the Canadian shield at the Molson Fly Fishing Camp in Godbout, Quebec (where he was head chef to the Molson and Bronfman families), to the slick urban oases of Los Angeles and Chicago, where he staged and served as a private chef.

Charles’ experience continues to guide him on his culinary journey toward the redefinition of rustic East Coast cuisine.

While at the helm of Atlantica in Portugal Cove, Newfoundland — voted in 2007 the #1 Best New Restaurant in Canada by EnRoute Magazine — his penchant for using only the freshest, most vibrant and authentic ingredients from local purveyors won him accolades at home and abroad.

He continues to raise the culinary bar in St. John's: Raymonds Restaurant was recently been named the top restaurant in Canada by

Founded in 1759 by New England Planters, Chester is noted for sailing, stately homes and magnificent gardens.

Come for Alimentary Ideas and let Chester capture your heart.

Photo credit: Bambe1964

About the day

Alimentary Ideas is divided into morning and afternoon sessions. During the 1.5 hour lunch break, take time to explore picturesque Chester and its local cafés and restaurants, all within a few moments walk of the Chester Playhouse.

WELCOME - 09:00


SESSION 1 - 09:15-10:30


Mark Singer

SESSION 2 - 10:30-11:45


Tanya Kelly, Jeremy Charles

SESSION 3 - 13:15-14:30


Scott Norton, William Allaway

SESSION 4 - 14:30 - 15:45


Scott DeSimon

THANKS - 15:45


One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.

Virginia Woolf

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